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    Orange Oil! Learn about the newest and most effective way to treat for Drywood Termites, without having tent your home. Orange Oil is a natural product that kills termites on contact leaving behind a fresh orange scent.

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    Orange oil is only effective as a spot treatment and is not capable of treating all potentially infested wood in a structure including inaccessible areas. The applicator must locate the termite galleries in the wood member and then drill holes (at 3-5 inch intervals) in that wood so that the orange oil can be injected into the galleries.

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    Orange Oil is an organic and natural termite solution that is much safer to use because of its low toxicity levels. A lot of the other termite chemicals are made from a combination of other toxic chemicals whereas Orange oil is made from the chemicals found in the skins of oranges, specifically D-Limonene.

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    Orange Oil Termite Treatment Cost. The cost of an orange oil termite treatment can vary significantly depending on the area that needs to be treated. If it's a small area orange oil will likely be less expensive than fumigation methods. However, the cost of an orange oil treatment can become much more expensive if you are treating a large ...

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    Offering termite and construction services, The Termite Guy has been locally owned and operated for over 20 years, serving all of Southern California.Services are available for residential, commercial, and Real Estate Agents/Realtors®.

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    Orange oil termite treatments in San Diego can be dangerous if improperly applied! Professionally applied orange oil and other local termite spot treatments, call us today for your secondary termite treatment needs in San Diego county, (619)447-8216.

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    Consumer Friendly Termite Control. Our licensed inspectors find each termite nest and our technicians inject the fast-acting proprietary XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™. Our termite control process is done without tents, so you won't have roof or plant damage, and you and your pets stay home while we do the work. >> Learn more

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    Orange Oil is a low-toxicity product that when injected into the galleries of infested wood, will kill termites only on contact. I've heard that Orange Oil can guarantee you won't have termites. When a termite infestation becomes obvious and all of the infested wood members are identified, Orange Oil is one of many wood injected ...

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    The greatest controversy over orange oil as a termite treatment centers on its efficacy. Some critics declare it a total flop—a feeble treatment at best; a marketing scam at worst. These detractors say it simply doesn't kill enough termites to be a viable termite control option.

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    Tentless Termite – with Orange Oil Our Tentless Termite with Orange Oil is remarkable in its ability to handle spot treatments. This appeals to the consumer in a variety of ways, but one of the most significant is the additional savings that come from not having to vacate their home for an extended period of time.

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    On average, termite treatment costs between $120 and $150. When combating an existing termite colony, pest control companies typically charge per linear foot, as opposed to the per-square-foot cost used for preventive treatments. How widespread your termite problem has become will determine cost and the extermination method required.

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    Like any other methods, orange oil termite treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, what are pros and cons of orange oil termite treatment? Orange oil is a "green" method against termites and has low toxicity. That sounds as a great thing because it is safe for humans and pets.

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    Reviews on Orange Oil Termite in San Diego, CA - Thrasher Termite & Pest Control of So Cal, Eliminite Termite Services, Hungry Termite, Hi-Tech Termite Control, Nix Termite, Xtermite, Plateau Pest Solutions, Twin Termite & Pest Control, Halo Home…

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    The XT2000 Orange Oil Plus for drywood termites is a naturally occurring essential oil and is 95% pure d-limonene achieved through a steam distillation process of the citrus rinds. Its natural capability of traveling through the porous cells in all directions, even defying gravity, ensures an effective treatment for wood infested pests.

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    Orange oil termite treatment cost runs between $8 and $35 depending on the type, brand and quantity of the product. People with pets should not use clove bud oil, as it can cause liver and kidney toxicity through contact with an animal's skin. Find A Pro. Termite prevention or treatment helps ensure the structural integrity and safety of a home.

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    Bob,I just read your comments about Orange Oil treatment for drywood termites. I am currently a licensed Branch III termite inspector in San Jose. I have found on many occasions that the orange oil people are not completely honest when it comes to telling homeowners about the benefits of orange oil.

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    Termite control methods using orange oil have proven to be effective in thousands of homes and businesses since its inception. At Bug Central we believe customers have a choice between low toxicity local treatment methods and tent fumigation.

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    Treatment with orange oil requires drilling into the infested wood members and injecting the product into the termite galleries. Orange oil is effective for drywood termites, not subterranean termite infestations. Orange oil termite control is an effective method of treatment but don't believe that traditional treatments and fumigation are no longer valid options that should be discarded. Only tent fumigation can guarantee complete drywood termite eradication of an entire structure at once.

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    Orange oil termite treatments are localized to specific areas of the structure. Fumigation is a whole structure treatment but requires moving out for 2 nights.

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    The mode of treatment once a dry wood termite colony has been found is to drill holes into the infested wood and to inject the orange oil into the hollow spaces where the termites are feeding. The treatment works best if the insect galleries are identified and treated.

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    Cost of Orange Oil Termite Treatment Initially the average cost of an orange oil termite treatment is between $1200 to $1500, a figure which must be multiplied if localized treatments are found to be necessary in other areas of the structure separate from the original site of infestation.

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    I heard a radio ad for Pacific Coast Termite that said they use orange oil and that it's so safe you don't even have to leave the house while they treat it. They also gave a two year guarantee. We were worried that they might be way more expensive but when we took the cost of replacing roof tiles, which the technician estimated to around $700 ...

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    what are the benefits of fumigation vs. foam for termites? Is it typical for general pest control contract to not include termites; For localized termites, does orange oil treatment work? I own a pest control company want to be listed as a vendor for Angie's list; a list for of not acceptable pest control

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    >> Orange Oil Termite Treatment : Keep Termites At Bay With Natural Treatment Kill Termites The Natural Way—With Orange Oil Termite Treatment XT2000 Orange oil treatment seems to be touted more and more as an innovative miracle… a green chemical and completely safe and effective method termite control.

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    We use natural, eco-friendly termite control treatment products like XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, and utilize IPM practices into our termite control business. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an emerging environmental practice we use to minimize the use of toxic pesticides through an ongoing termite treatment process.

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    Orange Oil Termite Treatment Cost Termites prefer to be in dark, humid environments, so they do not typically feed on the surface of wood, where they would be visible to the human eye.

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    Orange oil termite treatment When deciding on a termite control treatment method, it is always important to consider all the options. Today, more than ever, people are increasingly concerned with the use of chemicals for both personal health and environmental reasons.

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    Disadvantages of orange oil termite treatment. Sadly, orange oil is known to be effective only against drywood termites. While it will do poorly when trying to combat subterranean termites with it. Also, orange oil is just a spot treatment for termites meaning that it is only effective for small, localized termite infestations.

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    Pure Orange Oil is made from the rind of an orange resulting in a natural, low impact product to treat for drywood termites. It is 95% pure d-limonene; Pure Orange Oil's active ingredient. This remarkable oil is a proven and highly successful treatment for the eradication of drywood termites, carpenter ants, and wood boring beetles.

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    So if the question is, Does orange oil work for termites as well as fumigation? the answer, arguably, is No, simply because fumigation provides a better guarantee that all infestations will be treated. With local treatment, if the pest control operator fails to detect an area of termite activity, it's left untreated.