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    Metal Fatigue Calculator (structural) Whilst this calculator is primarily intended as a metal fatigue calculator, the calculations it uses apply equally well to any perfectly elastic material. However, the safety factors and damage ratio's identified in this page cannot necessarilly be applied to non-metals.

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    Fatigue life. For some materials, notably steel and titanium, there is a theoretical value for stress amplitude below which the material will not fail for any number of cycles, called a fatigue limit, endurance limit, or fatigue strength.

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    Fatigue analysis methods are based on stress-life, strain-life or crack growth: Stress-Life This method is often called the SN approach and is appropriate for long life situations where the strength of the material and the nominal stress control the fatigue life.

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    Fatigue limit, endurance limit, and fatigue strength are all expressions used to describe a property of materials: the amplitude (or range) of cyclic stress that can be applied to the material without causing fatigue failure.

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    Fatigue David Roylance Department of Materials Science and Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 02139 May 1, 2001 Introduction

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    • The fatigue life is given by eq. 5g,h on p.42 in "Material fatigue" for a given strain amplitude (for instance derived using the Neuber hyperbola). • The fatigue life is given by eq. 4a on p.40 in "Material fatigue" for a given strain amplitude (solved numerically).

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    So, the fatigue strength coefficient for our problem is σ'f = 85+50 = 135 kpsi Step-3 – Calculate the fatigue strength exponent (b): Smaller the fatigue strength exponent of the component, larger the fatigue life of the component. Typically, the values of b for the common materials lies in the range of -0.12 to -0.05.

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    Muppur et al. [6] carried out a case study involving finite-element-based fatigue life calculations for various A356 samples and components including an automotive wheel rim in cast and friction stir processed conditions. In this section, an illustrative example is included to show the effect of embedded FSP region on overall fatigue life performance of the wheel.

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    Fatigue calculation -Example ... • a0 has larger influence on the fatigue life 7. ... • Use Finite Elements to calculate it for different crack length.

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    Fatigue Analysis on the Web. The eFatigue website gives you easy access to modern fatigue analysis tools and technology from any web browser— everything you need for computing the fatigue lives of metallic machine components and structures, including fatigue calculators, material databases, and stress concentration factors.

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    Fatigue life calculations assume the dispersion in life of identical ball bearings operating under identical conditions, a statistical result is obtained for bearing fatigue life. For most calculations, the life is that 90 percent of a group of apparently identical bearings will complete or exceed before the area of spalling reaches ...

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    Fatigue Life of a Compression Spring Definition: The life cycle (fatigue life) of a spring is its life expectancy before taking a set or breaking during deflection. When a spring breaks or takes a permanent set, it is because it is under a lot of stress.

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    Since the fatigue life is closely related to the condition of surface, many researchers devote their effort to surface treatments. Generally speaking, treatments that produce compress residual stress at the surface have positive impact on the fatigue life and vise versa. Many widely used surface treatments may affect the fatigue in different ways.

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    Purpose of calculation: Fatigue design of cast or wrought iron and steel. Note another calculation procedure is required for welded steel and iron. Approach: Stress-Life Analysis - the stress-life method is typically used for long life situations (millions of cycles) where the stresses are elastic. It is based on the fatigue limit or endurance ...


    compressive residual stresses in improving fatigue life and the detrimental effect of tensile mean or tensile residual stresses in decreasing fatigue life. Do attempt to use actual fatigue data in design, but if this is not possible or reasonable, approximate estimates of median fatigue behavior can be made.

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    Fatigue analysis codes like nCode DesignLife can accept multiple stress ratio curves, and then apply that data to the alternating stress and mean stress at every point in a finite element model to calculate fatigue life. The drawback is that this data often does not exist.

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    Finding a fatigue life is typically based on S-N curves for the material at hand. I'm assuming your stress level is not under the endurance limit, so changing the stress will decrease your life. You can look at the material data curves in MMPDS to figure out what your fatigue life might be. Keep in mind though, that that is not the whole story.

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    Fastener fatigue life is very dependent on the bolt threads, the nut/collar or retaining device, and the amount of pre-load or torque. Obviously designing bolts to be fatigued in tension is not an ideal approach however it has widespread historical precedence. The normal practice for analysis is to use fastener or bolt sn curves.

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    Damage calculation for SHEAR7 fatigue. SHEAR7 fatigue is rather different from the other fatigue methods, in that the damage itself is calculated not by OrcaFlex, but by SHEAR7. OrcaFlex merely provides a means to collate, sum and plot the damage from a number of different SHEAR7 load cases in a convenient manner.

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    Once the weld stresses have been determined, they can be used to estimate fatigue life. Depending on the stress calculation method, correlated S-N curves are used. For steel welds, the fatigue curves have the following characteristics: 1. The S-N curve is assumed linear on the log-log plot, with a slope of -1/3. 2.

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    1. Using the S-N diagram determine the fatigue life of the 0.4%C steel under the three different stress regimes 2. Using Miners Rule, calculate the fractional damage caused by each stress regime to the fatigue life of the component and thus determine under which stress regime it is predicted to fail 3.

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    We know the fatigue life calculation methodology for steel, what is the methodology for aluminium? As general conditions for steel are stress at 10e3 cycles will be = 0.9 of max tensile strength ...

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    Stress life method, more commonly known as the S-N or Nominal Stress method is used for total life calculation. It assumes the structure to be fully elastic (even in local fatigue related details like notches). Initiation or growing phase of a crack is not considered. Applicable to high cycle fatigue problems (low load-long life).

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    Fatigue Strength Effect of mean stress Compressive mean stress does not reduce amplitude that can be superimposed-S y S y S y S n σ a-σ m (compression) σ m (tension) G o o d m a n l i n e s empiric concept S u Values from S-N curve (σ m=0) Extends infinite for fatigue (only static failure S No macroscopic yielding uc) Juvinall p.318 Fig. 8 ...

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    How Permissible Cycle Life (or Fatigue Life) is Calculated using FEA Background The life of a vessel under cyclic service is related to the intensity of the alternating stress and the number of cycles it experiences.

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    How to Calculate Fatigue Life When The Load History Is Complex. For example, fatigue computer codes such as nCode DesignLife will accept files of test data, or the input of multiple load steps from a static or transient finite element analysis, and use the rainflow approach to automatically extract the cyclic data.

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    An effective procedure, formulas, and information to estimate a value of expected fatigue life in the case of a steel cylindrical gear with a high number of cycles has been given. Formulas are based in the AGMA Standard 2105-D04 for calculation of the load capacity of cylindrical gears.