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    Lancer Beer Systems has a beer chiller to suit all requirements, from restaurants to the nations largest stadiums. Engineered to carry heavy loads and operate in the harshest environments, Lancer Beer System chillers are built to last. Our new Siberian Elite glycol chiller has revolutionised the way chillers are built.

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    Dowfrost Glycol Prices. Purchase by the Gallon / Drums / Totes. Buy online today! We sell to Everyone. Free Delivery. Order online or call 800-658-7716.

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    A Glycol beer dispensing system is the latest in beer dispensing technology. A Glycol system is an excellent alternative or upgrade from an old Temprite or Ice Bank beer system. Andale's Glycol Block Beer System was one of the first true glycol beer systems in the Australian market place.

  • What is the Cost of a Draft Beer System for a Bar?

    Overall, these 12-tap systems typically start at $4,000 ($5,500 including glycol) and can cost as much as $12,000 for more deluxe models. As a general rule of thumb, you should expect to pay about $1,000 per beer line. This cost includes a long run, blended gas, and glycol.

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    This system implements a separate chiller that uses the power of glycol to move beer further distances, while still keeping it cold from keg to tap. Propylene glycol, a non-toxic, food-grade antifreeze, is the main component that's been used for many years in food-processing systems.

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    Long-Draw Draft Beer Glycol Systems. So, in terms of flexibility and features, the glycol system is really number one overall my book. The cost for such a system will run you somewhere in the category of about USD $1,000 per product line (installed) so a 16-faucet system -- 16 brands -- will run you somewhere between USD $16,000 - $20,000, installed,...

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    We don't rely on guesswork or assumptions to build the right solution to meet your needs. We use our expertise to custom engineer your beer dispensing system at our factory. To perform flawlessly, in perfect balance, from the moment we install it. With no surprises. Request a Quote for Perlick's Glycol-Cooled Beer Systems

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    Inhibited Propylene Glycol - Chemworld Inhibited Propylene Glycol is a branded corrosion inhibited Propylene Glycol designed for use in water systems. USP grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol - Dowfrost is a trademark product of Dow Chemical and is a USP grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol design for use in water systems in food grade facilities.

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    Easily keep your commercial beer lines cold regardless of distance with a commercial glycol cooling system. Network ... Glycol Systems. ... Glycol Chillers ...

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    Glycol systems have become very popular because of their ability to maintain the walk-in cooler's temperature and deliver cold beer up to 500'. Most glycol beer systems are 100' or less. Micro Matic has the equipment for your next system – in stock!

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    Glycol Cooled Systems Our Glycol Power Pack chiller units are for distances 25 to 350 feet from the cold room. Call the Kegman before ordering your long draw glycol system as we can help you design your system at no extra charge.

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    determining the percentage propylene glycol my system needs Many brewery operators don't understand why so much glycol is needed in their chiller system. They assume that if the chiller system is at +27 °F glycol, the freezing point of the solution only needs to be below +27 °F.

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    Keep your beer and other beverages cold with our awesome selection of Glycol Chillers. These Glycol Chillers are perfect for long draw setups where you will be serving beer in a different area that where the kegs will be kept cold and we've got what you're looking for at amazing prices.

  • Glycol Chiller Wholesale, Chiller Suppliers - Alibaba offers 3,280 glycol chiller products. About 79% of these are industrial chiller, 6% are fermenting equipment, and 1% are bar accessories. A wide variety of glycol chiller options are available to you, such as ce, fda, and ul.

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    Glycol Beer Systems A glycol beer dispensing system is the latest and greatest in beer technology. A glycol system can dispense cold beer up to 600 feet away from the keg cooler and pour a perfect beer with little to no waste. A glycol system consists of four basic parts.

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    Brewery Glycol Chillers WITH G&D CHILLERS INSTALLED IN OVER 1,700 BREWERIES, WE KNOW HOW TO MANUFACTURE UNITS WHICH MEET THE NEEDS OF BREWERS AROUND THE WORLD. G&D Chillers has been manufacturing brewery chillers specifically for the Brewery Industry since 1989.

  • 5 Questions to ask when Choosing Long Draw Beer Systems

    Long draw beer systems are where glycol refrigeration systems are utilized to keep beer cold from a walk-in cooler all the way to the tap. If you are thinking about using a long draw beer system, there are some questions you should ask before making that decision.

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    Glycol systems come in many shapes and sizes and it would be difficult to list their specific cost in each configuration. To determine what the return on the investment of a system would be, we'll use a common standard eight faucet remote glycol system with a cost of $10,000 installed.

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    Commercial Beer Dispensing Systems Our team of experts will partner with you to design a commercial beer tap system that uniquely fits your situation - from the tower design, to the number and length of beer lines, to critical temperature and delivery components, to the amount of pressure needed to push the beer to the tap.

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    A glycol beer system, for starters, is very easy and simple to install even if you don't have any prior refrigeration skills. Other benefits of using a glycol chiller include the following: no leaking of refrigerants into the cold space, lower lifetime service and maintenance costs, a cooling system that can be easily extended, and more savings.

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    In terms of household uses, ethylene glycol is also a popular coolant liquid in many types of equipment, including air conditioning, but in most cases it's not ideal for car coolant systems. This is because it has a significantly lower specific heat capacity compared to water, which means more liquid is required to maintain the same temperature.

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    How much do glycol draft beer systems really cost? Learn the components and advantages of purchasing a glycol beer tap system for your restaurant, bar or hotel. 0:30 Why glycol draft beer systems ...

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    How much do draft beer wall systems cost? Learn that beer walls are air-cooled systems utilizing specialized beer faucets installed on a modified walk-in cooler. 0:46 Architectural plan view of a ...

  • How Much Do Glycol Draft Beer Systems Really Cost? - Design Buzz

    Learn the components and advantages of purchasing a glycol beer tap system for your restaurant, bar or hotel.. hOW MUCH DO GLYCOL DRAFT BEER SYSTEMS COST? Now that we know a little bit more about how glycol systems operate, the true advantage of them is that they offer a fool-proof method of delivering beer at a temperature from the walk-in cooler and environmentally controlling it all the way.

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    Size the brewery glycol chiller based on the higher of the primary or secondary load Add a 15% safety factor to compensate for heat loss in pipes, pumps, etc. Read on for a comprehensive, step by step guide, with examples for sizing a brewery chiller.

  • Glycol Cost (Double the cost of the chiller?) : TheBrewery

    We are looking at a 5 bbl system, one jacketed brite and glycol assist on the chiller. Also wondering what I can do to help cut start-up cost both on chilling and in general. Mostly ales in the fermenters with about one lager per 5 weeks or so.

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    Perfection Equipment, Inc. has developed a unique line of beer chillers specifically designed to help you achieve your two most important goals: increased profits and reduced costs. Perfection Glycol Beer Chillers utilize a patented state-of-the-art technology to offer you a remote beer system with unparalleled performance, reliability and economy.

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    There are three basic types of commercial draft beer systems: Direct Draw. Kegs are in a refrigerated keg box under the counter or bar. Short Draw. Kegs are somewhere within 25 feet of your taps and towers, and the system is air cooled. Long Draw. Kegs are in a cooler up to 450 feet from where you're dispensing, and the system is glycol cooled.