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    Years ago, the name "Milk Oolong" typically described teas that had added sweeteners and milk flavorings. This gave rise to an untrue and bizarre myth: that "milk" oolong meant tea leaves somehow infused with milk in the production process. Taiwanese oolongs are not produced using milk, cream, or any dairy products.

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    Herbal tea from the tea box! Unfortunately, this is too savory for me. It's just a really strange combo of herbs. I bought a few things from the American Tea Room going out of business sale, and I didn't like any of them. Something about their blends just doesn't work for me! The main flavors are fennel, sour, and mint.

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    A relatively new style, Milk Oolong as we know it today only came into being during the 1980s. They are prized for the sweet, thick and creamy body, indicative of a high mountain oolong. Their pronounced "milky" flavor notes are a result of natural processes. However, not all Milk Oolongs are created equal.

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    The name "milk oolong" intrigued me, and honestly, I thought it was just a fanciful name for the tea. But when the tea arrived, to my great surprise and delight, I found that the tea truly has a milky flavor. I love the flavor of tea or coffee with milk added to it, but usually avoid it because of the mouth-feel, among other reasons.

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    I can't speak for American Tea Room or David's Tea, but almost all "Milk Oolongs" are scented. Having an unscented milk oolong would be like saying you have an unscented jasmine tea. Just because it is scented doesn't mean that it is low quality or artificial.

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