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    Edit article at Wikipedia... Sodium sulfate (also known as sodium sulphate or sulfate of soda) is the inorganic compound with formula Na 2 SO 4 as well as several related hydrate s. All forms are white solids that are highly soluble in water. With an annual production of 6 million tonne s, the decahydrate is a major commodity chemical product.

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    ANHYDROUS SODIUM SULFATE Material Safety Data Sheet Distributed by: Laguna Clay Company 14400 Lomilas Ave City of Indusl'Y, CA 91746 1-800-4Laguna [email protected] W'NVv'

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    Sodium Sulfate, Anhydrous (7757 -82 -6) Listed on the United States TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) inventory All components of this product are listed, or excluded from listing, on the United States Environmental Protection Agency Toxic

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    Sodium bisulfate is a sodium salt with the chemical formula NaHSO 4.Chemically, it is an acid salt. As opposed to neutral salts formed in acid-base neutralization reactions, acid salts are salts formed by partial neutralization of acids, which leaves one or more hydrogen atoms intact.

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    Sodium Sulfate Sulphate SDS MSDS Sheet of Manufacturers, Specifications, Exporters to USA India Sodium Sulfate Sulphate SDS MSDS Sheet Muby Chemicals of Mubychem Group, established in 1976, is the original manufacturers of Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Excipient, Fragrance & Flavor chemicals, Shale Gas Fracturing Chemicals in India.

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    Sodium sulfate has Na2SO4 as its chemical formula. This is the anhydrous form (without water), and it is also seen written as Na2SO4 + 10 H2O, which is its decahydrate. Wikipedia has additional ...

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    Sodium sulfate anhydrous Revision Date 17-Jan-2018 Component log Pow Sodium sulfate -3 13. Disposal considerations Waste Disposal Methods Chemical waste generators must determine whether a discarded chemical is classified as a hazardous waste. Chemical waste generators must also consult local, regional, and

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    Visit ChemicalBook To find more Sodium sulfate(7757-82-6) information like chemical properties,Structure,melting point,boiling point,density,molecular formula,molecular weight, physical properties,toxicity information,customs codes.

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    Substance Name: Sodium sulfate anhydrous RN: 7757-82-6 UNII: 36KCS0R750 InChIKey: PMZURENOXWZQFD-UHFFFAOYSA-L

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    Sodium sulfate is an important compound of sodium. When anhydrous, it is a white crystalline solid of formula Na 2 SO 4. The deca hydrate, Na 2 SO 4 •10H 2 O, is known as Glauber's salt. Sodium sulfate is mainly used for the manufacture of detergents and in the Kraft process of paper pulping, although it has many other uses.

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    Anhydrous sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) is typically used in organic chemistry as a drying agent. After aqueous extractions the organic layer always has a certain amount of water left in it. Adding anhydrous sodium sulfate removes this water by forming the sodium sulfate hydrate, which conveniently is also a solid allowing it to be filtered away.

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    Environmental: Sodium sulfate may persist indefinitely in the environment, but is not likely to show bioaccumulation or food chain contamination effects. If diluted with water, this chemical released directly or indirectly into the environment is not expected to have a significant impact.

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    Sodium sulfate as a drying agent Sodium sulfate is one of the most commonly used drying agents at present. Although it is quite similar to magnesium sulfate in terms of water capacity, it tends to leave more water in the solution. Sodium sulfate also absorbs water at a much slower rate than magnesium sulfate.

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    Sodium bisulfate | NaHSO4 or HNaO4S | CID 516919 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological ...

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    Anhydrous sodium sulfate occurs in arid environments as the mineral thenardite; however the decahydrate (sc-203405) is the most abundant natural form and is derived from the mineral, mirabilite, often found in lake beds. Anhydrous sodium sulfate is used in the laboratory as an inert drying agent for removing traces of water from organic solutions.

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    Search results for sodium sulfate at Sigma-Aldrich. ... Sodium sulfate anhydrous. ... sodium lauryl sulfate-d 25. Linear Formula: CD 3 (CD 2) 11 OSO 3 Na ...


    Sodium sulfate is a white, orthorhombic crystalline solid at room temperatures ( a monoclinic structure at > 100 C, a hexagonal structure at > 250C). It is reduced to sodium sulfide at high temperature.

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    Safety Data Sheet according to 29CFR1910/1200 and GHS Rev. 3 Effective date : 01.07.2015 Page 2 of 6 Sodium Sulfate,Anhydrous, Created by Global Safety Management, Inc. -Tel: 1-813-435-5161 -

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    Anhydrous sodium sulfate, known as the rare mineral thenardite, used as a drying agent in organic synthesis. Heptahydrate sodium sulfate, a very rare form. Decahydrate sodium sulfate, known as the mineral mirabilite, widely used by chemical industry. It is also known as Glauber's salt. History

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    Sodium sulfite (sodium sulphite) is a soluble sodium salt of sulfurous acid with the chemical formula Na 2 SO 3.It is used as a preservative to prevent dried fruit from discoloring, and for preserving meats, and is used in the same way as sodium thiosulfate to convert elemental halogens to their respective hydrohalic acids, in photography and for reducing chlorine levels in pools.

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    Anhydrous sodium sulfate is in the form of hygroscopic white powder, and has no odor. It is soluble in water, but insoluble in ethanol. Its boiling point is 1100ºC, and melting point is 880 - 888ºC. This compound is stable under ordinary conditions, but at a high temperature, it is reduced to sodium sulfide.

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    Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous is the anhydrous, sodium salt form of sulfuric acid. Sodium sulfate anhydrous disassociates in water to provide sodium ions and sulfate ions. Sodium ion is the principal cation of the extracellular fluid and plays a large part in the therapy of fluid and electrolyte disturbances.

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    Sodium Sulfite Structure In a sodium sulfite molecule, there exist two ionic bonds between the sodium cations and the sulfite anion. The structure of a Na 2 SO 3 molecule is illustrated below.

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    Sodium sulfate, +99%, for analysis ACS, anhydrous, ACROS Organics 1kg; Plastic bottle Chemicals:Other Inorganic Compounds:Inorganic Sodium Compounds Sodium sulfate, +99%, for analysis ACS, anhydrous, ACROS Organics | Fisher Scientific

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    Sodium Sulfate Formula & More. What is sodium sulfate? Sodium sulfate commonly refers to the sodium salt that results from sulfuric acid. When it is anhydrous in a controlled environment, it commonly appears as a white crystalline solid of the Na2SO4 chemical formula. The sodium sulfate formula is commonly known as the mineral thenardite.

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    Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous is a moderately water and acid soluble Sodium source for uses compatible with sulfates.Sulfate compounds are salts or esters of sulfuric acid formed by replacing one or both of the hydrogens with a metal.

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    Anhydrous sodium sulfate assumes a monoclinic structure at 100ºC and above 250ºC it assumes a hexagonal structure. It does not react with oxidizing agents at normal temperature. What is the facts of Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Anhydrous sodium sulphate is found in nature in the form of a mineral, known as, thenardite. Anhydrous sodium sulfate is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid.