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    Loan for Government Employees – Fees & Charges. Bank charge fee from PSU employees on processing and pre closure of personal loan. These charges include - Processing Fee – This fee varies from bank to bank and is higher than secured loans and can range upto 2% for government employees.

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    ICICI Personal Loan for Government Employees. If you are a government employee, who is looking to avail a personal loan, all you need to know about ICICI Personal loan for government employees. The bank offers this unsecured credit facility to the employees, earning a monthly income of ₹17,500/20,000/25,000.

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    Being a government employee gives you job security, but might not allow for a financial bandwidth to deal with emergencies. MoneyTap's personal loan for government employees can resolve your sudden financial woes.

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    Personal loans for Pensioners can be availed by retired employees of Central government, State government & Defence services. After serving in the government services for an entire lifetime Employees are guaranteed a safe & secure livelihood on retirement.

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    Payroll allotment loans for federal government and USPS employees put repayment on autopilot. Lenders are more willing to approve applicants when the funds come out of an account mechanically. The money goes to the bank before hitting your wallet – where anything can happen. Request a personal loan here.

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    For everyone, who is looking for a personal loan for government employees, federal credit unions created multiple beneficial options. Everyone, who is a member of the military, a US Government employee, an employee at an "eligible place of business" or an American Red Cross employee/volunteer, can join the union.