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    What are the Detriments of Using Cyanuric Acid (Pool Chlorine Stabilizer)? At this point, you may be thinking cyanuric acid is a godsend. It is to chlorine what that drug was to Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless. However, just like there were downsides to taking the Limitless drug, there are also downsides to using pool chlorine stabilizer.

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    Testing the levels of CYA (cyanuric acid) is typically done using a drop based test kit.CYA levels should be in the 30-50 ppm range for most all swimming pools (indoor pools do not need CYA, as they do not suffer from degradation from the sun like outdoor pools).

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    But CYA is a double-edged sword, causing a dramatic impact on chlorine efficacy and sanitization. CYA is so important to keep to a minimum that we decided to make Minimal CYA our fourth Pillar of Proactive Pool Care. Cyanuric Acid Facts. Cyanuric acid (CYA) is well known in the pool business.

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    As a biological product, Cyanuric Acid Reducer needs to be used in specific pool conditions to ensure optimum performance. Please call us if you have questions. We have prepared a simple six step guide for use with Cyanuric Acid Reducer. Please view it here

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    You need a minimum of 30-35ppm CA to have an effect on chlorine. Depending on how low it is, you can either add the needed amount to raise your size pool to that level per the dosage on the bottle, or if you use stabilized chlorine to maintain the...

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    You will need to remove cyanuric acid from your swimming pool if the levels get too high! When it comes to keeping your swimming pool looking great, chlorine is the most important chemical in your swimming pool to keep it clear and free of algae but, the most common chemical used to prevent chlorine loss in swimming pools in cyanuric acid (CYA) which is a stabilizer/conditioner.

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    How to Lower Pool Alkalinity. Pool supply stores carry a product called pH Decreaser, which is mostly Sodium Bisulphate. This product will lower both pH and total alkalinity, but you can use muriatic acid If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. instead. Because you may already have it on ...

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    Cyanuric acid technically is an 'acid' but is dissimilar to muriatic acid, which the pool industry uses to manage and adjust pool pH levels. It is sold as a standalone product or can be purchased as a convenient additive to chlorine tablets. It is able to dissolve in water and has little overall effect on pH, alkalinity or hardness.

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    As long as the cyanuric acid concentration is less than 20 mg/l, there will not be any problem. Once a level of 70 mg/l is exceeded, cyanuric acid becomes problematic. Too high a concentration can, however, easily be solved. All you need to do is add fresh water to the pool (3 to 5% of the total volume).

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    The primary benefit of cyanuric acid in pools. A chlorinated pool with cyanuric acid will remain chlorinated in direct sunlight, whereas without a stabilizer, chlorine will dissipate and leave the pool unprotected without free chlorine in a matter of hours. Most important, cyanuric acid will not be consumed in this helpful work and will, over ...

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    Putting too much cyanuric acid into a pool could be an easy mistake, as cyanuric acid does not break down the same way that chlorine does. The levels of cyanuric acid in pool water remain fairly consistent for a long time, so removing it could mean replacing the pool water with fresh water.

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    Instead, Pool Water Recycling would like to introduce you to our mobile filtration trailer that comes to you. It's equipped with Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration that lowers calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and cyanuric acid without draining the swimming pool.

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    Can cyanuric acid (CYA) be reduced? If so, how to you lower CYA levels in a pool? Yes, pools with high CYA should keep CYA to a minimum, and the most economical and practical way to reduce CYA is to drain and dilute the pool with fresh water.

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    At we believe in "Pool Care Made Easy" That's why we've decided to start a Pool School series to answer your questions. In this video, we cover: How to Lower CYA in a ...

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    All the info I can find these days says "drain and refill the pool" to lower the cyanuric acid level. However, that course of action is unacceptable.

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    If your pool has a vinyl liner, avoid draining it completely. This can cause the liner to loosen and possibly crack in the cold winter weather. If you have a gunite or tile liner, and you're covering the pool with a tarp or solid cover, you only need to drain the water to just below the skimmer level.

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    Cyanuric acid is the stabilizing agent for chlorine. ... If you are looking to lower the pH in your swimming pool ad acid in small increments 1 quart for 10,000 gallons maximum. let the pool water ...

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    How to Raise Cyanuric Acid Levels in a Pool. You're probably aware that your pool needs regular chlorine adjustments, but it's also important to balance cyanuric acid levels. Cyanuric acid is often sold as conditioner or stabilizer because...

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    Once it gets too high, you will have to get rid of or lower it immediately. The question is how? There is no known pool chemical that will lower or eliminate it. The only way to get rid of the cyanuric acid in a swimming pool is to drain your pool partially or completely.

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    Cyanuric acid is a chemical that improves the longevity and effectiveness of chlorine in an outdoor pool. Working almost like a "sunblock" for the chlorine, it protects the chlorine from becoming diluted and helps keep your pool cleaner for longer.

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    Cyanauric acid (a stabilizer) can be added, but in order to lower it, the pool needs to be diluted with fresh water. There is no chemical on the market that you can add to your pool water to lower the stabilizer. If you just need help with cleaning a green pool, learn how to properly shock your pool.

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    As the name would suggest, Cyanuric Acid Reducer reduces cyanuric acid without draining your pool. Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is a naturally-biodegradable product that works safely in your pool to reduce cyanuric acid levels. It has been designed to specifically to lower the levels cyanuric acid levels in pools with more than 100ppm.

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    Cyanuric acid or 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triol is a chemical compound with the formula (CNOH) 3.Like many industrially useful chemicals, this triazine has many synonyms. This white, odorless solid finds use as a precursor or a component of bleaches, disinfectants, and herbicides.

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    Did you know that without a buffer, the sun can consume up to 90% of your pool's free, unstabilized chlorine in just a couple of hours? Cyanuric acid, or CYA as it is commonly called (and also called pool stabilizer, pool conditioner, or chlorine stabilizer), acts as that buffer, protecting your chlorine from those hungry UV rays.

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    The idea of draining a pool to lower cyanuric acid is a bit outdated. A 40k pool can have this level reduced by 100ppm by adding 2lbs of lye. It will in effect raise the pH, but only slightly and lye can be purchased at most home improvement stores in the plumbing department as a drain unclogger.

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    Cyanuric acid has also been found in pool plaster and in calcium scale. If your levels climb rapidly after a refill, lingering CYA could be the problem. A Note About Cryptosporidium. You will also need to lower cyanuric acid levels if your pool is contaminated with cryptosporidium.

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    Pool owners add cyanuric acid pool water to bond with the free chlorine in the pool and prevent the chlorine from dissipating due to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Too much cyanuric acid in outdoor pools reduces the effectiveness of the chlorine in fighting bacteria in the water.

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    I cannot help but believe it was the superior quality of the cyanuric acid. Every other year, with cyanuric acid from Leslie's, I have had to dump in tons of chlorine, and use green out even though cyanuric acid level was supposedly OK and keeping the pool from looking like a swamp was a struggle.

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    How to Lower Cyanuric Acid. The only practical way to lower cyanuric acid is by replacing some of your existing water with fresh water. To calculate how much water should be replaced, subtract the desired concentration of cyanuric acid from the current concentration and divide the difference by the current concentration.

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