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  • Which Is Better Creatine Ethyl Ester Or Creatine Monohydrate?

    Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) supplements are marketed by their manufacturer's as being superior to creatine monohydrate. Until recently, there has been little if any scientific proof to prove whether CEE supplements are better than creatine monohydrate powder so all we as consumers had to go on was a supplement companies claims.

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    Other types of creatine are viable sources, and some even have an added benefit! However, there are many that are a complete waste of money. For instance, research shows that creatine ethyl ester is not effective for increasing muscle creatine. With no added benefit of the ethyl ester, there is no reason to take creatine ethyl ester.

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    Creatine ethyl ester (CEE) is a commercially available synthetic creatine that is now widely used in dietary supplements. It comprises of creatine with an ethyl group attached and this molecular configuration is reported to provide several advantages over creatine monohydrate (CM).

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    At the time, low-potency creatine supplements were available in Britain, but creatine supplements designed for strength enhancement were not commercially available until 1993 when a company called Experimental and Applied Sciences (EAS) introduced the compound to the sports nutrition market under the name Phosphagen.

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    The study found no added benefit of creatine ethyl ester over creatine monohydrate. In fact, even after ingesting twice the amount of Ethyl ester, the serum creatine ( blood levels) levels were significantly higher in creatine monohydrate group than ethyl ester group. Also the total muscle creatine levels showed no benefit of creatine ethyl ...

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    PLA = placebo, CRT = creatine monohydrate, CEE = creatine ethyl ester Also CEE produced much higher blood levels of the creatine breakdown product creatinine which suggests that a large part of the CEE was being broken down in the stomach. It is known that CEE is unstable in the acid conditions of the stomach.

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    Creatine Forms. On a more interesting note, creatine ethyl ester actually contains LESS creatine than creatine monohydrate. Here's a table of some creatine forms and their respective % of creatine in relation to CM [5]. Just something I found interesting. Companies try to sell a product that is inherently less creatine, for more money.

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    Creatine ethyl ester is merely creatine monohydrate with an added ester attached to make the creatine molecule more lipopholic. In theory, this would make the absorption more efficient and possibly would require less CEE to serve as an ergogenic aid. Personally, I have used both CEE and monohydrate with great success.

  • Creatine Monohydrate vs Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Creatine ethyl ester, or CEE, is a newer form of creatine. While similar in benefits to creatine monohydrate, CEE was formulated to be absorbed by your body more easily. Due to this easier absorption, smaller doses of esterified creatine (CEE) are needed than with monohydrate. With easier absorption and smaller dosages, creatine ethyl ester has ...

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    Since creatine ethyl ester is more easily absorbed in the body, the creatine bloat is not as significant. Many people have stated that they do not experience creatine bloat at all with creatine ethyl ester. So there you have it, just a few of the many reasons to try creatine ethyl ester as part of your workout and weightlifting regimen.

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    With two kinds of creatine available, which is better? Is it the more common creatine monohydrate, or is the more expensive creatine ethyl ester? I gathered what science I could and here is what I found. There is reason to believe creatine ethyl ester is probably more soluble than creatine monohydrate, or any other form of creatine.

  • Is There A Difference Between The Various Forms Of Creatine?

    Creatine Ethyl Ester, or CEE, is your basic monohydrate with an ester attached. Those esters are formed by a process known as esterification, which is the reaction of carboxylic acids and alcohols. Creatine monohydrate has many studies that show that it increases the overall muscle mass of your body, however, the uptake of regular monohydrate ...

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    Myology Creatine Ethyl Ester gives you 120 coated supplements of pure creatine ethyl ester that provides you with with extreme benefits that enhance your ability to gain muscle mass and strength. In a micronized form to enhance absorption, this supplement allows you to gain the benefits of creatine quicker.

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    There are other forms of creatine such as creatine nitrate and creatine ethyl ester. Neither version of the substance has proven to be as effective as creatine monohydrate or creatine HCL however. Most lifters who use creatine most likely use creatine monohydrate. But should you be taking creatine HCl instead?

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    Quality control testing of the creatine ethyl ester supplement using NMR from an independent laboratory from the University of Nebraska determined the product to contain 100% creatine ethyl ester HCL, with no detectable creatine HCL or creatinine HCL. The creatine supplement was shown to contain 99.8% creatine monohydrate and 0.2% creatinine.

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    In the end, creatine monohydrate outperforms creatine ethyl ester in serum creatine concentrations and, from the previous study, is more bio-available. 1,2 Creatine ethyl ester has never outperformed creatine monohydrate. Thus, ethyl ester is not one of those supplements that "might be better, and if you have the cash, go for it".

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    Creatine ethyl ester vs. monohydrate: which is a superior form for increasing muscle growth and gym performance? Ever since creatine monohydrate made its way onto the bodybuilding scene in the 1990's, supplement companies have been rushing to find the next "big thing".

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    They are not worse, but not better either (assuming the dose is the same). Creatine Hydrochloride may be more water-soluble than Monohydrate as well. It should be noted that the form known as 'Creatine Ethyl Ester' is actually much worse than creatine monohydrate, and degrades almost completely into the metabolite creatinine in the intestines.

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    Creatine Ethyl Ester is advertised as a superior form of creatine. But is it? ... there is clinical data to show that CEE degrades much quicker than creatine monohydrate in gastrointestinal tract ...

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    Creatine Ethyl Ester . Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) is a product of addition of ethyl ester molecule with the creatine molecule. This form is the most soluble form and as it has ester attached to it. Normally, creatine molecules are zwitterions, having one positive end and one negative end.

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    Creatine Ethyl Ester helps you push out more reps in the gym, and it's a form of creatine that holds less water next to the muscle tissue.* With smaller doses of Creatine Ethyl Ester, you'll still get the benefits of creatine with less in your system.*

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    Creatine Ethyl Ester vs Monohydrate. Creatine supplements are one of the mainstay for many bodybuilders and athletes. It's something that anyone serious about bodybuilding and building some strength and muscle will have used at one time or another.

  • Creatine Ethyl Ester: The Best Creatine or a Supplement Fallacy?

    Creatine ethyl ester (CEE) is a derivative of the nutritional supplement creatine used as an aid for athletic performance in sports and muscle development in bodybuilding. Creatine is one of the most popular sports supplements available, and naturally it is a compound used as an energy replenisher.

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    The primary difference between ethyl ester and monohydrate is the inclusion of ester salts. CEE generally results in less water retention. This is because CEE is optimised towards faster absorption – a variety of other ailments can be avoided too.

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    It appears that the creatine ethyl ester is directly converted to creatinine in the blood. Bad for bodybuilders, but good for you! Now a recent study has done a head-to-head comparison of creatine monohydrate vs. ethyl ester for raising serum and urine creatinine levels.

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    Given the research we have available it's my opinion that there really aren't any benefits in taking creatine ethyl ester instead of creatine monohydrate. Given how much more expensive CEE is, I don't see any point in purchasing CEE over CM.

  • Creatine HCL Vs. Creatine Monohydrate - Which Is Better ...

    Creatine HCL vs Creatine Monohydrate – The Origins. Since hitting the sports supplement market 20 years ago, creatine monohydrate supplements have become one of the most popular muscle building and performance enhancing products.

  • 5 Reasons Why Creatine Monohydrate Is the Best

    Creatine monohydrate appears to be better than the ethyl ester and liquid forms of creatine (9, 11, 17). One study found that monohydrate increases creatine content in the blood and muscles better ...

  • Is Creatine Monohydrate Better Than Creatine Ethyl Ester ...

    What is this "creatine ethyl ester"? Is it a better form of creatine? What do you know about it? A: The first question we need to clarify is what do you mean by better? Yes, there is reason to believe creatine ethyl ester (or CEE) is probably more soluble than creatine monohydrate (Cr.H20) or other forms of creatine.