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    Although it's been a popular herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine since the Song Dynasty in the 10 th century, westerners are only now beginning to recognize the powerful benefits of delicious chrysanthemum tea. Made from chrysanthemum flowers steeped in hot – but not boiling – water ...

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    Chrysanthemum Liquid Extract, Organic Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum x morifolium) Dried Flower Tincture Features and description: NON GMO! Gluten Free! Highest Strength Chrysanthemum liquid extract! Chrysanthemum liquid extract contains ONLY natural ingredients! Not filtered Chrysanthemum liquid extract - we use classic conventional methods of ...

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    Chrysanthemum tea is an infusion drink prepared by pouring hot water over dried chrysanthemum flowers. A popular summertime drink in China, the tea has been used in Chinese medicine to treat a variety of conditions. However, not all chrysanthemum tea benefits are supported by scientific evidence.

  • Medicinal Uses of Edible Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum ...

    Medicinal Uses of Edible Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum Coronarium) Edible Chrysanthemum has many medicinal uses as well. It is diuretic, cold, nutritive, tonic, blood purifying, anti-inflammatory in action and found useful in blood purification, urinary stones, fluid retention, swelling of feet, cosmetic purpose etc.

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    Functional use(s) - cleansing, surfactants. PubMed:[The influence of different processing on the content of flavones of Dendranthema morifolium]. PubMed:Cytotoxicity of herbal extracts used for treatment of prostatic disease on head and neck carcinoma cell lines and non-malignant primary mucosal cells.

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    A chrysanthemum festival is held each year in Tongxiang, near Hangzhou, China. Chrysanthemums are the topic in hundreds of poems of China. The "golden flower" referred to in the 2006 movie Curse of the Golden Flower is a chrysanthemum.

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    Chrysanthemum is available in three forms, some stores just sell dried flowers, some market its extract, while some others provide herb tea with it. Now more and more people are enjoying the loving care of this "mum". How to brew chrysanthemum tea. To prepare the tea, rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water.

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    Chrysanthemum -- a flower from the daisy family -- has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating fever, hypertension, dry eyes and headaches, as well as other inflammatory conditions. A study published in the September 2003 edition of the medicinal plant journal "Fitoterapia" found ...

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  • Sevent Flower Extract - Moms Herbs

    Sevent Flower Extract. Sevent Flower Extract is a Chinese formula used originally to calm. It has a very tranquilizing effect, and has been used by many for years as a sleep aid. It also has a benefit of reducing mild to moderate blood pressure to relatively normal levels.

  • 7 Flowers Used in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Common flowers used in Chinese herbal medicine include the honeysuckle flower, lotus flower, viola flower, pagoda flower, and chrysanthemum flower; These herbal remedies are used to treat illnesses ranging from colds and flu to bleeding disorders, heart problems, and more

  • Uses of Chrysanthemum Oil | Hunker

    Essential oil extracted from the chrysanthemum plant has long been used as an all-natural organic pesticide and insect repellent. Chrysanthemum oil and extract have also been used in herbal medicine for their antibacterial and antibiotic properties. The oil of the chrysanthemum flower also has a pleasant scent.

  • Chrysanthemum facts and health benefits

    Health benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea. Chrysanthemum Flower (Chrysanthemum morifolium) is consumed as a tea to nourish the Yin and as an herb to remove wind and occasional heat (irritation) from several parts of the body in normal, healthy individuals. For thousands of years it has been used in Asia.

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    Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum Tea Product Details Description Product Name Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum Tea Description Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum Tea, it is widely used as not only traditional Chinese medicine, but also a kind of health flower tea in different ranges, such as tea spa, restaurant, drinks store and so on.

  • Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits | Livestrong.com

    Chrysanthemum tea is a warm, herbal beverage prepared from dried chrysanthemum flowers. This tea has a delicate, slightly floral aroma and a light, refreshing taste. Chrysanthemum tea has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various internal and external health issues.


    About CHRYSANTHEMUM MORIFOLIUM FLOWER EXTRACT: Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flower Extract is an extract of the flowers ... EXTRACT OF CHRYSANTHEMUM MORIFOLIUM FLOWER.

  • How Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits Your Health

    Modern-day researchers are studying the flower's health properties because it's so popular in alternative medicine, but here are some of the chrysanthemum tea benefits we already know about. 10 Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea. 1. It's a Potent Vitamin and Mineral Boost

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  • Chrysanthemum Morifolium (Ju Hua) | Chinese Herbs Healing

    Chrysanthemum morifolium, commonly called Ju Hua in mandarin and Flos Chrysanthemi in Latin, is one of the best varieties for making chrysanthemum flower tea. In Chinese classical literature and culture, the chrysanthemum, the orchid, the plum blossom, and the bamboo are better known as the Four Noble Ones or The Four Gentlemen.

  • Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea and possible side effects

    Chrysanthemum tea is widely consumed in Korea, as it makes people more alert. For making people more active, in some countries, this drink is also used. Due to its herbal benefits, chrysanthemum tea is widely consumed. Chrysanthemum tea should also be consumed for the treatment of circulation disorders like varicose veins and atherosclerosis.

  • Chrysanthemum Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

    Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Chrysanthemum. List of various diseases cured by Chrysanthemum. How Chrysanthemum is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Chrysanthemum in various languages of the world are also given.

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    Chrysanthemum tea is making its way across the world and finding new takers as people migrate from places where the aromatic herbal infusion has traditionally been popular, bringing their tastes to distant shores. The goodness of a cup of this floral concoction extends to everything from helping ...

  • The Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Flowers

    The Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Flowers. Chrysanthemums are the flower of the month for November in the United States. These beautiful flowers are not only one of the easiest to grow and maintain plants, and they are also extremely healthy!

  • How Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits Your Health

    How Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits Your Health ... as a many-petalled flower found all over the world in garden beds and flower pots. Chrysanthemum blooms range from palest yellow to bright red, with ...

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    The capitate inflorescence of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat., a perennial herbal plant of the Compositae family. There are about 30 different species of chrysanthemum worldwide, 17 of which can be found in China, and TCM uses 4 species for medicinal proposes. Besides the flower, its stem, leaf and root can also be used medicinally. [1] ' [4] Top

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    Benefits of taking Chrysanthemum Powder Extract. supplements: Alternatively, Chrysanthemum can actually help human cells, as it has long been used by traditional healers around the world to treat dizziness, headaches, fevers, and inflammation. Modern medicine uses Chrysanthemum to treat vertigo, hypertension, pneumonia and colitis, among other ...

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    Originally from Eastern Asia, the name Chrysanthemum comes fro the Greek word "krus anthemon" meaning gold flower. However there are many varieties and colors of Chrysanthemum available today. Chrysanthemum 12:1 is a herbal extract from the Chrysanthemum plant (Flos Chrysanthemi), commonly used in traditional medicine for its soothing properties.