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    Vitamins for Horses Both fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins support the nutritional requirements of horses for healthy skin, coat and hooves. Fat-Soluble Vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins that can be stored in the body, and include vitamins A, D, E, and K. Vitamin A. Helps support skin coat and hoof integrity; Provides antioxidant ...

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    Vitamin E is fat-soluble, which means it's handled quite differently by the body compared to water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, which are not stored and are eliminated in urine if too much is consumed. Fat-soluble vitamins can be stored in the liver and the body's fatty tissues.

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    When Do Horses Need Vitamin E? Learn about this important piece of the equine nutrition puzzle. Is your horse getting enough? ... vitamin E, which is essentially water-soluble and highly ...

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    Vitamin E In Horses Vitamin E functions as a biological antioxidant that serves to maintain normal neuromuscular function. Equine diseases that develop in the face of vitamin E deficiency in young animals include nutritional myodegeneration in conjunction with selenium deficiency, equine neuroaxonal dystrophy (eNAD), and equine degenerative myeloencephalopathy

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    Vitamins are classed into two different groups: water soluble (B and C) and fat soluble (A, D, E and K); in some conditions, some vitamins like vitamin E are not readily absorbed as fat soluble so a water soluble supplement of the vitamin is needed for easier absorption. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

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    Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in neuromuscular health. The National Research Council recommends horses consume 1-2 IU of vitamin E per kilogram of body weight per ...

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    Vitamin E levels in the cerebrospinal fluid of the horses given the water-soluble, natural vitamin E were between 2 and 4 times higher than that of horses supplemented with synthetic vitamin E. Researchers found water-soluble, natural vitamin E to be superior in its absorption and availability in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid.

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    Elevate WS [Equine Vitamin E] This water-soluble natural Vitamin E solution is intended as an oral vitamin E supplement for horses of all classes. Elevate is ideal for horses maintained on diets composed largely of processed grains and stored forages. Contains a minimum of 500 IU per mL of vitamin E.

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    The natural vitamin E found in Elevate is in the form of minute, water-soluble particles that are delivered to the bloodstream and target organs more efficiently than the vitamin E in oil-based or water-miscible supplements. Elevate is ideal for horses maintained on diets composed largely of processed grains and stored forages. Such feedstuffs ...

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    KER Nano-E® is a powerful, water-soluble liquid vitamin E antioxidant in a rapidly bioavailable form. Designed for performance horses and those with neurologic and muscle disorders. 450 ml.

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    Comparing the cost of providing Vitamin E for our horses. There is a lot of interest in natural (d-alpha tocopherol) "water soluble" or micellized water dispersible vitamin E and how it compares to vitamin E powders and soft-gel capsules for providing this important nutrient to our horses.

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    If you don't need any more selenium, use a product that contains only vitamin E. In addition to the synthetic E supplements, you can now choose natural and water-soluble forms of E. Unless the horse has liver disease, or you know from blood tests your horse absorbs E poorly, we'd pass on the water-soluble E.

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    Vitamins are fat-soluble (vitamin A, D, E, and K), or water-soluble (vitamin C, and B-complex). Horses at maintenance usually have more than adequate amounts of vitamins in their diet if they are receiving fresh green forage and/or premixed rations.

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    Emcelle® -Tocopherol is a water soluble/dispersible vitamin E. Direction: Top-dress onto feed at time of feeding. 1ml provides 500iu of Vitamin E. 4ml pump = 2,000iu 1 bottle provides 250 servings at 2,000iu.

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    There is a difference between the vitamins that are naturally water soluble (such as vitamins B and C) and the "water solubilized" form of a vitamin (such as vitamin E) that is naturally a fat soluble vitamin. This form of vitamin E is "water solubilized" by the addition of certain compounds during a specific manufacturing process.

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    Elevate Water Soluable is suitable for all classes and ages of horses. Natural Vitamin E, such as that contained in Elevate, is more readily absorbed than synthetic. Elevate is two to three times more potent than synthetic Vitamin E. Vitamin E supplementation is important in treating many neurological diseases.

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    Nano-E® uses advanced nanotechnology to create a rapidly available and absorbed source of vitamin E that enables administration to be timed to provide peak antioxidant protection to performance horses. Nano-E is a powerful water-soluble liquid vitamin E antioxidant supplement for horses in a unique, rapidly bioavailable form.

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    The natural vitamin E in Elevate W.S. has undergone state-of-the-art processing that converts it to a water-soluble molecule, which is absorbed more efficiently. The vitamin E in Elevate W.S. is readily available and effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, which makes it helpful in the management of neurologically challenged horses.

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    Fast-acting, water-soluble, natural Vitamin E. Elevate W.S.'s unique formula is a highly bioavailable source of natural vitamin E. Developed to increase circulating blood levels quickly, it has become the product of choice for veterinarians managing horses and foals with neurological and muscular disorders, compromised immune response, or low fertility rates.

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    Water soluble vitamin A, D, and E for the prevention of vitamin deficiencies in poultry, cattle, sheep, swine, and horses. Dosage and Administration. POULTRY: Dissolve 5 ml in 90 L of drinking water to give 2,778 IU of Vitamin A, 277 IU of Vitamin D3 and 2.8 IU of Vitamin E per litre.


    All Horses Require Vitamin E – They do not make it in the body. Health-E Maximum Strength Vitamin E — 400% More potent Horse Vitamin E and half the cost of what you are currently using. Equine Vitamin E supplement is Ranked #1 for potency at over 16,000 IU/oz. Horse Vitamin E supplement is Ranked#1 most economical in the USA at 5,000 IU.

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    From baseline values, blood levels rose an astonishing 207% when horses were given 8,000 IU of water-soluble vitamin E liquid (Elevate W.S). Blood levels of natural vitamin E acetate powder (Elevate Concentrate) also increased, but not as quickly. This study did show that plasma levels fell slightly when horses were fed synthetic vitamin E powder.

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    This is the only water soluble, naturally occurring vitamin E supplement I've been able to find for my horse. Note the "D"-alpha-tocopherol vs. "Di"alpha-tocopherol, representing synthetic vitamin e. All the research I did seemed to point to needing naturally occurring vitamin e to have any actual affect on your horse.

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    Vit. E Vit. K Water-Solubles. Water-soluble vitamins include all the B-vitamins as well as C. Again, just like the name implies, these are soluble in water. Because they are soluble in water, they are easily flushed out of the body through the urine. Thus, dietary deficiencies of these are going to cause problems sooner than deficiencies of fat ...

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    Circulating α-TP levels increased significantly in horses offered water-soluble vitamin E within a week of supplementation, and levels remained higher than horses offered either the vitamin E acetate powder or no vitamin E. Serum α-TP increased significantly by week 7 in the group supplemented with vitamin E acetate powder.

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    Elevate W.S. Natural Vitamin E is an oral vitamin E supplement for horses of all classes. Elevate is Water-soluble Natural Vitamin E contains a minimum of 500 IU per ml of vitamin E. 8 oz

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    Best Sources: Wheat germ, stabilized rice bran, and soybean oil are excellent natural sources of vitamin E. Supplement Option: Vitamin E supplementation of 500 to 1,000 IU per day is recommended when your horse is sick or performing at higher levels. Vitamin D. Horses have to love the sun.

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    Vitamin E: An Essential Nutrient for Horses Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for horses and is beneficial in combating the many effects of free radical production that can damage membranes and components of cells.

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    Nano-E is a revolutionary natural (d-α-tocopherol), water soluble source of vitamin E for horses. Liposome encapsulation and nanodispersion confer rapid and superior bioavailability for all horses. Vitamin E is an essential component of body-wide antioxidant defenses and plays a vital role in immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular ...

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    -The natural vitamin E found in Elevate is in the form of minute, water-soluble particles that are delivered to the bloodstream and target organs more efficiently than the vitamin E in oil-based or water-miscible supplements. -Vitamin E has greater biological activity than synthetic vitamin E.