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    Topical salicylic acid is used to help clear and prevent pimples and skin blemishes in people who have acne. Topical salicylic acid is also used to treat skin conditions that involve scaling or overgrowth of skin cells such as psoriasis (a skin disease in which red, scaly patches form on some areas ...

  • 10 Best Salicylic Acid Products You Need To Try In 2019

    Salicylic acid purifies your skin, preventing all kinds of skin woes. Check out these salicylic acid products you should include in your skin care kit.

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    Some of our favorite salicylic acid products come in a pre-soaked pad formula, which is foolproof to use. 6. Wait 15-30 minutes before applying any other products. This allows the salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin and provides enough time for the skin's pH to readjust. 7.

  • The 15 Best Salicylic Acid Products for Your Entire Body

    We have one final thought: Salicylic acid can be irritating to skin in high quantities, which is why it's always best to patch test before committing to a new skincare product. Also, because it's so effective at exfoliating, using various salicylic acid products at the same time will prove too harsh on your skin.

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    Salicylic acid (from Latin salix, willow tree) is a lipophilic monohydroxybenzoic acid, a type of phenolic acid, and a beta hydroxy acid (BHA). It has the formula C 7 H 6 O 3.This colorless crystalline organic acid is widely used in organic synthesis and functions as a plant hormone.

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    While this lotion from Clearskin does not have a big 'brand name' behind it like some of the other products on this list, it doesn't make it any less good. In fact, this is one of the best salicylic acid products on the market. While it has been, mainly, designed to deal with acne on the face, it can be used for most acne on the skin.