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  • Codonopsis Root Benefits & Uses: Adaptogenic Herb Aka Dang Shen

    Codonopsis Root ... Combining With Other Herbs. Herbal tinctures made from Codonopsis root may be used in combination with a number of other herbs including: There are astragalus benefits when used in combination with myrrh and Codonopsis root, as a good treatment for mononucleosis. When used for gastric protection,...

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    SAFE CODONOPSIS PILSOULA:No preservatives and harmful pesticides,non GMO herbs,we have organic certification bases of 0.2km²in China,which are organic Codonopsis pilosula.In the United States,we are working on organic certification, which is not a certified organic herbs in the United States,We must be honest.In front of the customer God,we ...

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    Codonopsis is used to treat HIV infection and to protect cancer patients against side effects of radiation treatment. It is also to boost the immune system; and to treat weakness, loss of appetite (anorexia), chronic diarrhea, shortness of breath, noticeable heartbeat (palpitations), asthma, cough, thirst, and diabetes.

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    The Health Benefits of Codonopsis. According to a 2014 investigation issued in the Journal of Natural Medicines, C. pilosula contains triterpenoids that contribute to the anti-inflammatory activity of its extracts. The methanol extracts of C. pilosula barred the production of nitric oxide and TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor-alpha),...

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    The codonopsis extract has vital functions too, and it has been used from the ancient days until today. The benefits of codonopsis root include cleansing the lungs and improving the functioning of the digestive system. 5. Adaptogen. Similar to other adaptogens, C. pilosula is used for stress reduction and improving the ability to cope with stress.

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    Codonopsis is a flowering plant. It is perennial. It grows in a moist climate. It grows up to 3 M. Best used for Chronic Fatigue. In TCM : Codonopsis Root : Dang Shen, Xi Dang Codonopsis Rhizome : Dang Shen Lu Tou In TCM it is a Qi and Blood tonic herb Organ affinity is Spleen and Lungs Meridians Affected: Lungs and Spleen.

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    Codonopsis pilosula is a PERENNIAL CLIMBER growing to 1.7 m (5ft 7in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 6 and is not frost tender. It is in flower from June to August, and the seeds ripen from August to September. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Insects.

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    Codonopsis is a flowering plant native to China and cultivated elsewhere for its ornamental value. Because the herb is sometimes included in botanical products and erroneously labeled as Panax ginseng, condonopsis root is also called Poor Man's Ginseng and Bastard Ginseng.

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    Codonopsis is a twining perennial. It reaches a length of five feet, and has oval leaves and distinct bell shaped greenish purple flowers. It is native to Asia and China, but now cultivated worldwide, sometimes only for its ornamental value.

  • What Are the Health Benefits of Codonopsis? | Healthfully

    Codonopsis pilosula is used to boost immune system health, promote mental sharpness and memory and as an "adaptogen," similar to the way ginseng is used in traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, you'll often see codonopsis referred to as "poor man's ginseng." This ginseng substitute, also called dangshen, has other potential benefits.


    In theory, taking codonopsis might increase the risk for bleeding during and after surgical procedures. Stop using codonopsis at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

  • Dang Shen (Poor Man's Ginseng) Herb Uses and Benefits

    Botanical Name: Codonopsis pilosula.. Codonopsis is a genus ( a taxonomic category that ranks above species and below family) that contains about 40 species of herbaceous, perennial plants, all of which are native to central and eastern Asia, some as far south as Malaysia.

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    Codonopsis Liquid Extract, Organic Codonopsis (Codonopsis Pilosula) Dried Root Tincture Features and description: NON GMO! Gluten Free! Highest Strength Codonopsis liquid extract! Codonopsis liquid extract contains ONLY natural ingredients! Not filtered Codonopsis liquid extract - we use classic conventional methods of extraction!

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    Codonopsis Pilosula is a herb belonging to the family of Campanulaceae and is also known as Dangshen (not to be confused with Danshen, a name for the herb S-alvia miltiorrhiza) that is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine; where it is most well known for being a low-cost substitute for Panax ginseng, where some historical texts falsely ...

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    As a matter of fact, nowadays more and more codonopsis health benefits are being discovered along with the scientific progress. And Modern research found that it contains a variety of sugars, phenols, volatile oil, baicalein glucosinolates, saponins and trace alkaloids, which can enhance immunity, dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve microcirculation, enhance hematopoietic function, and so on.

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    Codonopsis pilosula is popular for its ability to support mental health, boost memory, and enhance the immune system. The herb acts as an "adaptogen," and works just like ginseng. As a matter of fact, codonopsis is often referred to as the "poor man's ginseng."

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    The most known and popular Fennel products include Fennel liquid seed extract, Fennel oil, dried Fennel and Fennel in capsules. Fennel in tinctures is also available on the market. Fennel Tea and Fennel water is made from fresh or dried leaves (or seeds) and are very effective herbal remedies. Syrup is also used in herbal medicine.

  • Codonopsis Supplement: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Dosage ...

    Codonopsis is an herb. People use the root to make medicine. Codonopsis is used to treat HIV infection and to protect cancer patients against side effects of radiation treatment.

  • Codonopsis Benefits: Adaptogen, Blood Tonic, Circulatory ...

    Codonpsis is a powerful adaptogen with similar tonifying properties as ginseng. Learn more about this wonderful herb in this video. Shop:

  • Codonopsis: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Dosage ...

    Codonopsis is used to treat HIV infection and to protect cancer patients against side effects of radiation treatment. It is also to boost the immune system ; and to treat weakness, loss of appetite (anorexia), chronic diarrhea, shortness of breath, noticeable heartbeat (palpitations), asthma, cough, thirst, and diabetes.

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    Dang shen is known as Codonopsis pilosula, while Dan Shen is known as Salvia miltiorrhiza, Chinese sage, tan shen, or danshen. ... Cod liver oil benefits and side ...

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    Benefits Of Codonopsis Pilosula Include : Reduced Blood Sugar, Cancer Prevention, Digestive Health Benefits, Immune System Boost and Fighting Fatigue.

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    Codonopsis: Medicine and Food . by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon. Background: the herb and its constituents. Codonopsis refers to the roots of Codonopsis pilosula, utilized primarily as a substitute for ginseng (Panax ginseng). The botanical name derives from the plant's bell-like ...

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    Codonopsis Pilosula (Dangshen) is a herb that has historically been used as a cheap replacement for Panax Ginseng which was costly. Dangshen may have cognitive boosting capacities on its own, but is quite understudied.

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    The Many Health Benefits of Codonopsis Herb Vegetable & Fruits Health benefits. banana, plum, apple, cherries, co...

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    At least one study has been conducted with combination therapy (Codonopsis pilosula 27.1mg, Angelicae Sinensis64.5mg, Ganoderma lucidum at 3mg, and an oil extract of Geranium at 273.6mg) daily for 2 years in a group of c-ancer patients recieving chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

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    Health Benefits For more than 2000 years Asian people have used Codonopsis as an effective remedy to boost the energy and immune system, increase endurance, and improve body's ability to withstand stress.

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    Codonopsis has been demonstrated to have radiation protection activity and can be effective in protecting cancer patients receiving radiation therapy from the side effects without diminishing its benefits. Codonopsis also has interferon-inducing activity that may be of importance in many immune deficiency conditions, including HIV infection.

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    Ingredients: 100% Organic Codonopsis 20:1 Extract Powder. Servings Per Bag: 1.5 grams per serving (approximately 1/4 tsp.) 2 oz (57g): up to 46 servings per bag. 4 oz (114g): up to 92 servings per bag. 8 oz (227g): up to 184 servings per bag. 16 oz (454g): up to 368 servings per bag.