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    Lanthanum usually occurs together with cerium and the other rare earth elements. Lanthanum was first found by the Swedish chemist Carl Gustav Mosander in 1839 as an impurity in cerium nitrate – hence the name lanthanum, from the Ancient Greek λανθάνειν (lanthanein), meaning "to lie hidden".

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    The number of electrons in each of lanthanum's shells is [2, 8, 18, 18, 9, 2] and its electron configuration is [Xe] 5d 1 6s 2. The lanthanum atom has a radius of 187 pm and a Van der Waals radius of 240 pm. Lanthanum was first discovered by Carl Mosander in 1838. In its elemental form, lanthanum has a silvery white appearance.

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    Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB 6) is one of the best thermionic emission materials, because of its low work function and high melting point.DENKA LaB 6 Cathode has been highly reputed as an electron source for electron microscopes and electron beam lithograph apparatus.

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    Lanthanum hexaboride is an inorganic, refractory ceramic materials with a very high electron emissivity. This article will elaborate on the properties and applications of lanthanum hexaboride nanoparticles.

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    Lanthanum Hexaboride Nanoparticles are generally immediately available in most volumes. High purity, submicron and nanopowder forms may be considered. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) informationis available as is a Reference Calculator for converting relevant units of measurement.

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    Lanthanum hexaboride (La B 6, also called lanthanum boride and LaB) is an inorganic chemical, a boride of lanthanum. It is a refractory ceramic material that has a melting point of 2210 °C, and is insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid. It has a low work function and one of the highest electron emissivities known, and is stable in vacuum.

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    As Lanthanum: boron ratio is less than 1:4, LaB6 is considered a boron rich material. Compared with other boride ceramics, lanthanum boride, LaB6, has more applications. This material could be machined into simple shapes, to be used as cathode and even crucibles for the electric industry and frontier research.

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    Uniform Dispersion of Lanthanum Hexaboride Nanoparticles in a Silica Thin Film: Synthesis and Optical Properties Article in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4(11) · October 2012 with 166 Reads

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    Lanthanum hexaboride powder, 10 μm, 99% Synonym: Lanthanum boride CAS Number 12008-21-8. Linear Formula LaB 6. Molecular Weight 203.77 . EC Number 234-531-6. MDL number MFCD00151350. PubChem Substance ID 24854496

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    LaB6 is an effective near IR absorber, with an absorption band centered on 900 nm. When incorporated into polymer sheet, the absorption region of LaB6 is complementary to, and can be used in conjunction with, nano particulate absorbers such as ITO and ATO. Purity: 99.95%, 99.99% 1.) Oxide sputtering target:

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    Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) nanocrystals, with an ∼1000 nm wavelength localized surface plasmon resonance ideal for interacting with solar near-infrared radiation, have been synthesized for the first time in a relatively low temperature flask reaction using sodium borohydride as both boron source and "solvent".

  • Lanthanum and Cerium Hexaboride (LaB6 and CeB6) Cathodes

    Applied Physics Lanthanum and Cerium Hexaboride (LaB 6 and CeB 6) Filaments / Cathodes. Submit a follow up request. Building the World's Best Cathodes . Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB 6) and cerium hexaboride (CeB 6) cathodes are ideal for many small spot size applications such as SEM, TEM, surface analysis and metrology, and for high current applications such as microwave tubes, lithography ...

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    Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6, also called lanthanum boride and LaB6) is an inorganic chemical. With melting point 2528 K, LaB6 is a refractory ceramic material, which is insoluble in water or hydrochloric acid and very stable in vacuum. Stoichiometric samples are colored intense purple-violet, while boron-rich ones (above LaB6.07) are blue.

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    Lanthanum hexaboride, LaB6, is an advanced ceramic material with purple-violet color. It is stable in water and possess a quite high melting point. LaB6 also has a low work function and one of the highest electron emissivities among the known materials. One of the major application of LaB6 is in hot cathodes.

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    Larger diameters, high cathode loadingEmission current densities up to 30 A/cm2Operating pressure < 10-7 torrLong lifetimeEmission currents up to 0.5 AOn AEI base or custom mountingVoltage-Current test graphs included

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    Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6, also called lanthanum boride and LaB6) is an inorganic chemical, a boride of lanthanum.It is a refractory ceramic material that has a melting point of 2210°C, and is insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid.

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    Iron Nano Powder; Iron Carbonyl; Iron III Chloride Powder; Lanthanum Hexaboride; Lanthanum Oxide; Lanthanum Phosphate; Magnesium Oxide Powder; Mercury Sulfate; Potassium Iodide; Rare Earth Oxides; Rhenium Powder; Silicon Carbide Nano Powder; Silver Chloride; Triphenyl Bismuth; Yttrium Oxide Powder; Yttria Nano-powder; YSZ Fine Powder

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    Sigma-Aldrich offers a number of Lanthanum hexaboride products. View information & documentation regarding Lanthanum hexaboride, including CAS, MSDS & more.

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    Nano Metal Oxide > Nano Lanthanum Oxide; Nano Lanthanum Oxide. Lanthanum Oxide Nanoparticles Features: Nano lanthanum oxide is white powder, density 6.51g/cm3, melting point 1430℃、1557℃、1620℃, slightly soluble in water, soluble in acid and generates the corresponding salts. Exposure to air, it is easy to absorb carbon dioxide and ...

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    ALB Materials Inc supply Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) Powder, 99.5%, ALB-B57-2N5 with high quality at competitive price.

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    Nano lanthanum hexaboride has diverse uses in traditional & high-tech industries like mechanics, electronics, aeronautics, metallurgy, chemistry, environment, etc.

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    Lanthanum hexaboride LaB6 Powder is an inorganic chemical, a refractory ceramic material with a melting point 2210 °C and density 2.61g/cm3. It is insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid.

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    The Shepherd Chemical Company was founded in Norwood, Ohio, in 1916. We are a fourth-generation company and a custom manufacturer of Inorganic Metal Salts and Organic Metal Compounds to the global marketplace.

  • Evolution of Vibrational Properties in Lanthanum Hexaboride ...

    Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) is known for its hardness, mechanical strength, thermionic emission, and strong plasmonic properties. However, given the lack of colloidal synthetic methods to access this material, very little is understood about its physical properties on the nanoscale.

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    Kimball Physics Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB 6) Filaments / Cathodes Featuring. Extended Life – Thousands of Hours in Clean Vacuum. Guaranteed Life (Measured in Surface Loss). Guaranteed Against Mounting Structure Fail

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    Buy Note: If you don't see the product specifications you're looking for, describe your specifications in the comment section.

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    Based on electron emission lanthanum hexaboride has a low work function that is probably even lower for selected crystal planes. But lanthanum hexaboride also retains adsorbed cesium well and reaches optimum cesiated surface potentials considerably below those attained by the most effective metals, those with high bare work functions. And