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    Wear a homemade body oil of peppermint essential oil to keep flying insects at bay. Combine the peppermint with the essential oils of rosemary, citronella, eucalyptus or clove. Add the mix of essential oils to sweet almond oil at a rate of four drops of oil for every teaspoon of sweet almond oil. You can also mix peppermint oil directly into store-bought body lotion or oil.

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    Repel spiders and ants: Place peppermint oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad and place in areas where you find spiders and ants. Better yet, make a peppermint bug spray. Add 4-5 drops of peppermint essential oil to water in a spray bottle. This also works to get rid of aphids in the garden.

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    Peppermint oil can work as an excellent pest repellent in your garden. Due to its subtle fragrance, it confuses insects by masking the smell of pheromones.Aphids, cabbage looper, flea beetles, squash bugs, whiteflies are some of the common pests that abhor the area where this peppermint oil pest repellent is sprayed.

  • Benefits of Peppermint Oil: Uses, Side Effects & Research

    Peppermint oil has many beneficial uses, like relieving GI discomfort, easing nausea, and alleviating pain. Here's what to know about benefits, side effects, and research.

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    Peppermint oil is derived from the peppermint plant -- a cross between water mint and spearmint -- that thrives in Europe and North America.. Peppermint oil is commonly used as flavoring in foods ...

  • Peppermint Essential Oil: How to Create a DIY Bug Repellent

    How to Make a DIY Insect Repellent Spray Using Peppermint Peppermint is one of the most versatile essential oils around; we can count 24 different ways to use it -- including as a bug repellent. And making your own DIY bug spray is a piece of cake since it only requires four ingredients.

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    How To Use Clove Oil To Repel Bugs? Learn the right way to use clove oil to repel insects: Bug Repellent: Combine a few drops of clove oil and peppermint oil with 1 quarter of distilled water. Pour this mixture in a clean, spray bottle and shake well before spritzing around your house.

  • 11 Essential Oils That Repel Bugs, Insects, and Pests Naturally!

    11 Essential Oils That Repel Bugs and Insects . Peppermint Oil. Peppermint essential oil is one of the most hated oils by many insects. Peppermint oil can repel ants, fleas, flies, lice, moths, and more. You can use it diluted in a carrier oil on your skin or mixed in a spray.

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    Peppermint oil was more effective than topical application of saline, jojoba oil and minoxidil, a medication that's used for hair growth. To use peppermint oil for hair to promote hair growth and nourishment, simply add 2–3 drops of peppermint to your shampoo and conditioner.

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    Some folks have even claimed that peppermint oil is also helpful with repelling non-insect pests like spiders and mice. Wow, we're ready to put peppermint oil to the test in our own homes this summer! Some people swear by applying peppermint oil topically to repel insects.

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    Her uses for peppermint essential oil include natural health remedies and a few tips for eliminating pests like mice and insects. Peppermint Oil has quite a few natural uses. The many uses for peppermint essential oil include food, natural healing, and even helping rid us of insects and other pests.

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    Applied topically on painful muscles and joints, peppermint oil can be of use to relieve tension, pain and stiff muscles. Research on the Insect Repelling Properties of Peppermint Oil A remarkable study (1) carried out by the University of Delhi, India demonstrated the mosquito repelling ability of peppermint oil by using the human-bait technique.

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    Peppermint oil has many uses, from insect repellent to breath freshener, so it's no wonder that it has been used for centuries. It also has many health benefits, and the best part is that it's all-natural.

  • How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home With Peppermint Oil

    Luckily essential oils come to the rescue again and now I use peppermint oil to all but eradicate spiders from my home. Simply fill a spray bottle with tap water and add 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Give it a smell to make sure the water smells minty, if not add a few more drops.

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    Ratio of Peppermint Oil to Water for Repelling Mice. ... Peppermint oil sprayed in and around areas of suspected mouse activity is another way to repel them and may be easier to manage in areas ...

  • How to Use Peppermint Oil to Make a Natural Insect Repellent

    Peppermint essential oil is a natural deterrent against mosquitoes and flying insects. Use peppermint oil alone or in a homemade insect spray to effectively repel mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies. Bugs may not like peppermint oil, but kids and adults usually enjoy its fresh, energizing scent.

  • Peppermint Oil for Spiders: How to Use it to Repel Spiders

    Peppermint oil is not only good for repelling spiders in your home, it is also good for repelling several other types of insects as well. One study found that peppermint oil is good for repelling mosquitoes from the home and from your body.

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    This item Peppermint Spray Oil Use to Naturally Repel Mice, Ants, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Roaches and Other Insects; 8.2oz MDXconcepts Mice Repellent - Humane Mouse Trap Substitute - 16 oz Organic Spray - Guaranteed Effective - Works For All Types of Mice & Rats

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    How to Use Peppermint Oil for Pest Control Step 1. Fill the empty spray bottle with warm water. Step 2. Find areas where pests have been entering the home. Step 3. Move to the exterior of the home. Mist screens for the first floor and the basement,... Step 4. Follow these steps once a month ...

  • Peppermint Oil Spray.100% Pure Premium Quality ... Peppermint Oil Spray.100% Pure Premium Quality, Undiluted. Use to Naturally Repel Ants, Spiders, Mice, Mosquitoes, Many Other Critters Invading Your Home.

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    Peppermint oil was recognized in the 1700s and has been used for different health purposes ever since. The leaf of peppermint has been used in teas, capsules, or a liquid extract. The liquid extract or oil has multiple uses. Here are the Top 10 uses of peppermint oil: Advertisement

  • 25 Uses for Peppermint Oil In and Around Your Home

    Peppermint oil is one of the most versatile essential oils you can keep on hand. Peppermint essential oil has so many uses, both for your health and around your home. Today we're going to talk about a few ways you can start using it in and around your home too. And remember, if you have any uses ...

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    However, peppermint oil must be properly diluted with carrier oil or with a different type of vehicle. Otherwise, its use can cause adverse effects such as skin and eye irritations as well as burns. When used on bed bugs, peppermint oil can kill and repel the said insects.

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    With peppermint oils numerous uses, it is an essential oil that should be in every household. We've provided you with more than fifty uses for peppermint essential oil and discussed the many peppermint oil uses and peppermint oil benefits. If you found the information in this article helpful, please share it with everyone you know.

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    Here are top 35 uses and benefits of peppermint oil! Suitable for literally any condition from relieving digestive issues, indigestion and nausea to alleviating sinus infections, soothing muscle cramps and getting rid of bad breath and pests, there are countless reasons why peppermint essential oil should be a staple in your medicine cabinet!

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    Peppermint oil is a natural insecticide. Spiders aren't technically insects, but they seem to hate the oil all the same. Here's what you should know before use.

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    Basically all you need to do is just apply small amounts of peppermint oil to areas where such insects might land, like furniture, clothes, skin, etc. You can also apply a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball, then place the cotton ball in the corner of the room. It will do the trick for you; and in addition, your room will smell amazing!

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    Consider using peppermint oil to repel mice when the use of chemical mouse poisons can place small children and pets in harm's way. The peppermint plant comes from crossing apple mint with spearmint. Place three cotton balls in the bottom of a paper cup.

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    Get rid of spiders with peppermint oil . The main reasons why spiders are found indoors are because of warmth and also the insects which attract the spiders into the dwelling. These spiders spin their webs in crevices, corners and unused areas of your home and for getting rid of these insects you should make use of a natural ways to st

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    Peppermint & Rosemary Oils can be used to repel insects and pests from your vegetable garden. I have found them extremely effective in reducing spider-mite, aphid and white-fly damage. I noticed ...