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    Propylene glycol is the most common moisture carrying ingredient, other than water, used in cosmetics because of its highly moisturizing properties. It is a highly effective wetting agent and surfactant and is used to improve freeze/thaw stability of cosmetic emulsion.

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    For the real sticklers in the crowd, when making larger solutions please keep in mind that propylene glycol is slightly heavier than water. Propylene Glycol is 8.61 pounds per gallon while water is 8.34 pounds per gallon. Therefore mixing 1 gallon of Propylene Glycol with 1 Gallon of water will give a 51% solution of propylene glycol.

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    We have the best quality wholesale USP grade propylene glycol at the best prices anywhere online. Bulk Propylene Glycol. is a nearly odorless clear liquid with a mild sweet taste. Some other names for it are a-propylene glycol, 1,2-propanediol, 1,2-dihydroxypropane, methyl ethyl glycol (MEG), methylethylene glycol, PG, Sirlene, Dowfrost.

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    Including bulk propylene glycol suppliers. If looking for a particular Propylene Glycol to purchase, simply use the search box, then use the suppliers website link for more information or prices. The businesses listed that supply Propylene Glycol, have a genuine United States presence and include: manufacturers, distributors, wholesale ...

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    PG is essentially a synthetic liquid substance that carries the profound ability to absorb water. It even has the ability to absorb water from the air around it, making it valuable to products which need to maintain moisture. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as an additive that is safe for use in food.

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