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    Glycol systems come in many shapes and sizes and it would be difficult to list their specific cost in each configuration. To determine what the return on the investment of a system would be, we'll use a common standard eight faucet remote glycol system with a cost of $10,000 installed.

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    The problem with all of them other than a glycol chiller is they cannot be automated. With a glycol chiller you can set you desired temperature and walk away. No more adding ice, no more using tons of water, it just works. The main disadvantage is cost which is why I built my own. First, a couple of notes on refrigeration.

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    Our glycol chiller arrived at the brewery – it is a large and important piece of our brewery. The glycol chiller pumps cold propylene glycol through the cooling jackets on our 6 bbl fermenters. This controls the beer temperature throughout fermentation to ensure you, the reader, get a tasty beer.

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    Lancer Beer Systems has a beer chiller to suit all requirements, from restaurants to the nations largest stadiums. Engineered to carry heavy loads and operate in the harshest environments, Lancer Beer System chillers are built to last. Our new Siberian Elite glycol chiller has revolutionised the way chillers are built.

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    Here, I wont go over the basics, I just explain how you can build a long draw dispensing system. The fridge will be in the basement and the beer lines run 10' outside the fridge up to the kitchen (8' higher). We need to permanently cool the beer lines and the tower to avoid foaming during serving and to ensure that the beer is ice cold.

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    Glacier Design Systems is the leader in draft beer systems, draft beer equipment, bar design, glycol power packs, glycol chiller maintenance.

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    This statistic shows the ethylene glycol total costs and potential prices in the United States, Saui-Arabia, and Asia, as at 2012. As at 2012, the ethylene glycol total costs in the United States ...

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    With the fermenters and the glycol chiller in place and our glycol system design approved, we went to work installing the glycol pipes. You may remember, back when we designed the glycol system there was some discussion on what pipe to use. We decided Schedule 80 PVC.

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    Perfection Equipment, Inc. has developed a unique line of beer chillers specifically designed to help you achieve your two most important goals: increased profits and reduced costs. Perfection Glycol Beer Chillers utilize a patented state-of-the-art technology to offer you a remote beer system with unparalleled performance, reliability and economy.

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    The Glycol Cooling System. Our Glycol-Cooled Remote Beer Systems are custom-engineered at our home base in Wisconsin. They're developed to fit your needs and ensure an easy installation. Design and build your system before searching for dispensers. You'll discover a glycol-cooled system design for beer features three main pieces of hardware:

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    We paid more and Lancer delivered more, we now have a high quality, high performance, easy to use low maintenance beer system that delivers in every aspect. The life cost savings are important to us and we believe we will recover the costs of this system very quickly – we are very pleased we decided on a Lancer Beer System" Bret Johnson

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    This system implements a separate chiller that uses the power of glycol to move beer further distances, while still keeping it cold from keg to tap. Propylene glycol, a non-toxic, food-grade antifreeze, is the main component that's been used for many years in food-processing systems.

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    I can weld and fabricate stainless easily enough, I was planning on making my own conical so I priced everything out. It would have cost me at least 100$ more than the cost of a new one, to make one out of a 15 gallon keg. That is not counting all my time to weld, fabricate, polish etc. Now lets look at the SS brewtech glycol chiller.

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    A system that works in harmony. It's the key to consistently pouring the perfect glass of beer. Perfect balance in temperature and pressure from the cooler to the tap determines the quality of the beer you pour and the profit you put in your pocket.

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    Glycol Beer Systems A glycol beer dispensing system is the latest and greatest in beer technology. A glycol system can dispense cold beer up to 600 feet away from the keg cooler and pour a perfect beer with little to no waste. A glycol system consists of four basic parts.

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    Glycol power packs for cooling fermentations of beer and wine, and also used for maintaining temperature for draft beer dispensing. These glycol packs are perfect for controlling temperature during fermentations. They can be used with cooling plates and snakes for macro bin fermentation, as well as connected to tanks via cooling jackets. Features

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    Glycol systems have become very popular because of their ability to maintain the walk-in cooler's temperature and deliver cold beer up to 500'. Most glycol beer systems are 100' or less. Micro Matic has the equipment for your next system – in stock! Power Pack. The heart of a glycol system is the power pack, a refrigeration unit ...

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    Learn how draft systems compare, such as kegerator, beer walls, air-cooled and glycol systems.. Direct-Draw vs Long-Draw Draft Beer System Cost. What I'm showing here on this bar is a single kegerator on the back bar, with two towers and three faucets.

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    Learn the components and advantages of purchasing a glycol beer tap system for your restaurant, bar or hotel.. hOW MUCH DO GLYCOL DRAFT BEER SYSTEMS COST? Now that we know a little bit more about how glycol systems operate, the true advantage of them is that they offer a fool-proof method of delivering beer at a temperature from the walk-in cooler and environmentally controlling it all the way.

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    Chilled glycol is then pumped at around -2.5° celcius to chiller plates (commonly located under the beer fonts in the bar area) where beer from the keg room is chilled before being supplied to the chilled or iced beer font. This system has particular advantages in the areas of presentation and beer wastage.

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    25' Beer Glycol Chiller System 1/6 HP This 25' Glycol draft beer chiller from UBC has 1/6 HP compressor, a glycol tank capacity of 2 gallons and a 25 foot cooling distance run. Complete dimensions of this UBC glycol power pack chiller: 17 inches wide, 19 inches deep, and 17 inches tall. Net weight of this glycol chiller system is 38 pounds.

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    Glycol Chillers. Rapids carries the best selection of quality Glycol Chillers in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. Trust our experience and industry expertise to help you set up your long draw beer cooling system when you're serving beer in a different place than your kegs are stored.

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    Dowfrost Glycol Prices. Purchase by the Gallon / Drums / Totes. Buy online today! We sell to Everyone. Free Delivery. Order online or call 800-658-7716.

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    Propylene Glycol USP Prices. Purchase by the Gallon / Drums / Totes. Buy online today! We sell to Everyone. Free Delivery. Order online or call 800-658-7716.

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    Glycol Cooled Systems Our Glycol Power Pack chiller units are for distances 25 to 350 feet from the cold room. Call the Kegman before ordering your long draw glycol system as we can help you design your system at no extra charge.

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    Easily keep your commercial beer lines cold regardless of distance with a commercial glycol cooling system.

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    Beer and beverage cooling equipment, branded POS products, and cooling equipment parts and accessories.

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    How much do glycol draft beer systems really cost? Learn the components and advantages of purchasing a glycol beer tap system for your restaurant, bar or hotel. 0:30 Why glycol draft beer systems ...

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    Beer Tasting Sets. Be a better beer drinker with the help of a beer tasting paddle and set of glasses! Invite friends over for a tasting party or use these in your bar for flights. Beer tasting sets also make a great gift for the beer lover in your life. Shop Beer Tasting Sets »


    GLYCOL CHILLER SYSTEM TROUBLESHOOTING By Jim VanderGiessen Jr, Pro Refrigeration Inc. There is a good chance your glycol chiller system is often completely forgotten about, until that dreaded day ...